Green Heart For a Living Planet !!

peace be upon you

Oh! did you realize what i mean?
No? oh crap! then give me a reason to live?
Ok, back to topic.

We have a serious purpose on this earth.Believe once that the devil is real.
But you cannot allow him to trick you into just giving up to protect the earth!! 

So, if you think you are an environment lover,
please pledge to do the following actions and spread the environmental issues to other blogger, friends or anyone that you wish to. Let's protect our earth !!

1) Rechargeable batteries or regular batteries?
both batteries type contain toxic chemicals. Rechargeable type will reduce the need to dispose of batteries.

2) Reuseable utensils or Disposable ones?
uhh~ better bring along your own reusable bag.

3) Recyclable Material or garbage?
Sort out any recyclable material for $$$. hehe~

4) Buy any environmentally-friendly products.
Actually..if you have this one, if it's already broken, give it to me.  I'm your WWF-Malaysia Recycling-community service work(volunteer) .LOL  $$$

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Vote for Ben Ashaari

Vote for Ben Ashaari
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