Google New Feature! Reverse Image Search Is Alive !!

السلام عليكم
 peace be upon you

Can u image that if goole can tells you what it thinks about a picture? compare with google image function(s), it's only rely on meta tag script within the  picture data stuff <img>. Cool rite??

i just found this cool stuff while google-ing~
to be precise,  take an example if i drag a picture of hurricane into the search box, then it tells me " Best guess for this image : typhoon " plus an image(s).

One of the best part is, if it doesn't know what the image is, it invites you to tell it (crowd-scouring style ) by putting a text in the search box saying " Describe Image Here ".
btw,  just click on the camera icon located within search box to activate this function. 2 option will be given; search by url image or upload an image from your computer. simple~

where is the link??


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